Products“We have formed exclusive agency arrangement with several shipyards in China whereby we are capable of delivering quality  OSV with substantial cost & time saving.

Presently, we have contract in hand with value approximately  USD$200 million. We supply a wide range of Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) such as;

  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply
  • Accommodation Work Boat
  • Accommodation Barge
  • Platform Supply Vessel
  • Maintenance/Support Vessel
  • Super M2 Elevating Drilling Unit

Our customer base comprises of  service operators in the Oil

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& Gas sector. We typically deliver our order within 12 to 18 months.


Our team  monitor markets worldwide and feed this information to our clients to ensure that they are fully aware of market conditions, and when to make key decisions in the vessel procurement process.

Whether negotiating a short spot charter or a longer term requirement, we provide the same high level of support, service and intelligence throughout.

Our support is not simply limited to market intelligence. We remain involved with a charter from start to finish, negotiating pricing, drawing up contracts and monitoring the performance of a unit throughout the charter period, ensuring that all parties to the agreement remain comfortable throughout the duration of the contract.